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Process of client risk profiling and proposed KYC Procedure

Clients will be classified as low risk appetite, medium risk appetite and high risk appetite based on the score obtained by answering the following questionnaire. Once, the score is obtained client will be offered services which suits his/her risk appetite. The classification of the services is also mentioned below.

Questionnaire for risk profiling of the client

Under 35
Under 45
Capital Appreciation
Regular Income
Capital Appreciation and Regular Income
1 lacs
1-2 lacs
2-5 lacs
5 lacs
Below Rs 1 Lac
1-5 Lac
5-10 Lac
10-25 Lac
25 Lacs
Self Employed
Other Speicify
1 Lacs
1-2 Lacs
2-5 Lacs
5 Lacs
3 Years
3-5 Years
> 5 Years

The Maximum weight allotted to all the questions would sum up to 240 Product Classification and client classification is as follows

Low Medium High

Any client who has a risk appetite between 0-80 is classified as low risk appetite client and will be offered low risk products, while a client with risk appetite score between 81-160 will be classified as medium risk appetite and will be offered a medium risk product. However any client with a score of 161-240 can select any product since the risk appetite is high.

Your Total Score :-

Risk Based Classification of the Services

Sr. No Product Risk Classification
1 Stock Cash Tips Medium
2 Stock Cash Premium Tips Medium
3 Cash Sparkle Medium
4 Cash STS Medium
5 Cash BTST Medium
6 Cash Positional Medium
7 Stock Future Tips High
8 Stock Future Premium Tips High
9 Nifty Future Tips High
10 Nifty Future Premium Tips High
11 future Sparkle High
12 future STS High
13 future BTST High
14 future Positional High
15 Index Option Tips High
16 Index Option Premium Tips High
17 Stock Option Tips High
18 Stock Option Premium Tips High
19 Option Sparkle High
20 Option STS High
21 Option BTST High
22 Option Positional High
23 MCX Tips High
24 MCX Premium Tips High
25 Bullion Tips High
26 Bullion Premium Tips High
27 Base Metal Tips High
28 Base Metal Premium Tips High
29 MCX Energy Tips High
30 MCX Energy Premium Tips High
31 NCDEX Tips High
32 NCDEX Premium Tips High
33 Crude-Oil-Inventory-Tips High
34 Natural-Gas-Inventory-Tips High
35 Intraday stock future tips High
36 Intraday stock tips Medium
37 stock cash and future tips High
38 future and option tips High
39 Bullion Energy Tips High
40 MCX NCDEX Tips High
41 Base Metal EnergyTips High

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